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Just wanting to know what is the easiest way to get the following on White

Rash Nature

Bullet Punch
Vacuum Wave/Punch
Swords Dance
Extreme Speed

Now I think I need to try and breed a Hitmonchan to get Bullet Punch and Vacuum Wave but I need it to have Rash behaviour to I can pass it onto Lucario. Any tips to make this process easier?


2 Answers

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Hitmonchan learns Bullet Punch and Vacuum WAve by level up. To get a rash one go to Route whatever and put a Rash pokemon with Synchronzie in the front part of your party. Then, breed Hitmonchan with Lucario. Hope I helped!

It seems I would have to wait for a swarm on route 10 for a tyrogue, also just wondering would Lucario learn both Bullet Punch and Vacuum Wave if I breed it with a Hitmonchan with both moves?
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I found out another way that may work, breed a female Lucario with a male pokemon in the same breeding group ie field or human-like with rash behavior (holding everstone also), breed until you get a female with rash then breed that with Hitmonchan with Bullet Punch and Vacuum Wave... this should work hopefully.