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I dont know what attacker, defender, sweeper, wall means and how to tell if one of my pokemon are one

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An attacker and sweeper are pretty much the same thing, they focus on dealing heavy damage on the foe, examples of them are Rampardos, Salamance, or Chandelure. Defenders & Walls are there to buy time against the foe, most of them all know toxic to wear down the foe, some also know thunder wave. they can also to be used to protect your teammates or use heal pulse to heal them, but they are generally called supporters. examples of Walls Are: Dusklops @ evolite, Shuckle, or registeel. examples of supporters are : Blissey, Slowking, or Alomomola.

You forgot head.
A head is a Poke'mon that gives out hazards and comes out first in a game.
Ok, yeah, i was like.... What in the world is a lead...
Heal Pulse? Never heard of it.
Yeah, Heals the Target by 50% of it's max HP, use it on an ally to heal it!
Can it target pokemon in there pokeballs or only on the field
Only on the field.