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It has great Defense, but bad SD, great Attack, but bad SA. It knows only offensive moves, but is good at stalling w/ moves like Dig and the item Lefovers.

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Oh, and it has good HP.

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I disagree with the first answer, as Durant is not bad at all. Most Durant are Physical Sweepers, never Tanks or Walls(Bad HP and SDef). With Hone Claws and Hustle, Durant becomes a very strong threat in the UU Tier. Never use Durant as a Wall, Never.

Final answer, it is, and will only be a Physical Sweeper despite its defenses.

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I like this answer, but my Durant knows only offensive moves, it's Ability is Hustle, and I have no intention of changing it. I up voted for your trouble though, thanks. By the way, to anyone reading this, Durant is great against the Elite Four.
I did say it should only be a Sweeper though, lol
Mike, I'd say you nailed this one
Lol, thanks :)