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I've heard it sometimes. I know what it is; it's a strategy that annoys your opponent into forfeiting, aka closing the battle window :P
But can someone give me some help on how to do it, and some examples of RageQuitting Pokemon?

You use whimiscott on a baton pass team :P

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Traditionally, ragequitting is not about making your opponent forfeit. It's about forcing a draw when you are losing.

Up to an including Black/White, when battling over wifi on DS, if you turn off the DS during the battle, your opponent gets a connection error and the match is cancelled. People use this to avoid getting penalized for defeats if they are about to lose.

However, do note that in Black/White 2 if you ragequit you are not allowed to battle for another hour or so. You may lose points as well (as if you lost), I'm not sure.

This is different in online play where when you quit you always forfeit the match. I don't know if there are any specific "ragequit" tactics but it is usually due to using frowned-upon moves like Double Team, or putting all Pokemon to sleep, or anything that adds more luck to the game.

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its when you get mad because something you didnt want to happen happened, so you turn off the game.

like if you are battling someone & they kill your strongest pokemon, so you turn off the game & act like it never happened