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Gordon? You mean the guys from the legend of zelda?
i fixed it. it was groudon :/

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Bring seeds to put him to sleep. Then also bring a pokemon with rain dance to raise the damage of water type moves. Try to avoid pokemon that are weak to his moves. The extra boost from the rain and the fact that you keep putting him to sleep should make it an easy battle

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Hes kind of at the point where he cant choose what pokemon goes with him because he must use his hero and partner.
how do you know this?
I have played EOT recently and if he is at the beginning during the story, he must bring his hero and partner.
how do you know hes at the beginning
The dungeon where you face Groudon is the 9th dungeon you discover in the storyline. The storyline chapter is 9. Source:
you can also fight him with wonder mail
What is the Wonder Mail?
its mail you can get missions froms. You can search google for a wondermail generator
Ok. Also, what's the difference between EOT and EOD?
sorry i was wrong there is a difference
sorry i was wrong
Oh. Ok.
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Are you fighting during game play or after game play with the wonder mail codes? If you are fighting groudon during game play make sure your partner has a strong hitting move and you have a strong move or a long range item you can throw.

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