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well on smogon it says latios and latias natures are set when steven shows you their picture BUT if i KO them then beat the elite 4 will latios's nature change? right now it has impish, kind of the worst nature possible to get. This question has probably been asked already but none of the answers I saw were of any help.

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I think the answer is NO because I did I test I took my three soul silvers and all 3 ended as IMPISH nature when I beat the elite 4 1 time 2 times and 3 times hope I helped :D

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the answer is no it wont change, hi realro welcome to the site one thing to remember if you arnt sure about the answer its best not to answer in case you get it wrong. You dont want to get downvoted and flagged
K thanks Id HATE to get downed I want to try to get as good as I can