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Cant seem to find these stones.. PLEASE HELP!!

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Water Stone-National Park (Come 1st in Bug Catching Contest), Route 42 (PokéGear Phonecall)
Kanto: Route 25 (Show Bill's Grandfather a Marill in HG or a Staryu in SS), Seafoam Islands

Moon stone-New Bark Town (Mom's Savings), Ruins of Alph (Bottom Right Ruins)
Kanto: Mt. Moon (Monday Nights Only), Tohjo Falls

Shiny stone-National Park, National Park (Come 1st in Bug Catching Contest)
Kanto: Route 14 (PokéGear Phonecall)

Thanks soo much!!
What do you mean about mom's savings?
In this game, your mom occasionally buys stuff with the money you send her. And there are several items she can get you, including the evolution stones.
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Well, if your at the poke dome near the park there are two desks. the second one is where you can buy things. play the pokethlone games (first counter, first lady) to earn points to buy the stones. The more events you win the more things you get ( the items at the lady sells change every day) and you can get them from there! if its not htere it may be there tommorrow!