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I need help choosing which one to take from the back-packer girl :3

Thanx! (those who answered.)

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Hmm, I Needed a rock type but specifically I need a good hazard enterer and a good pysichal poke'mon :)

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Well if your looking for a good physical user try using tirtouga because if it has sturdy it can set up a free shell smash. Well.. it costs damage but then you can get to sweeping easily.

Archen on the other hand has beastly attacking stats and access to roost which can heal off the damage done to it and take away the effect of defeatist. They both are pretty good.

Id suggest Tirtuoga because of the garuenteed shell smash and that means stat raising. If your trying to set hazards use a different pokemon xD but if you were going to take that into consideration try crustle. Oh and if you really want one of these guys to set up hazards do tirtouga.

IF your planning on evolving them then id use Archen because of roost to hal off defeatist and the only thing that makes me think of using it more it it's monster attack.

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Archen is in.
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Niether of them are really physically defensive. But Tirtouga has sturdy. Offensively speaking Archen is the better choice. But they both have pretty useless defenses. The more defensive one is Tirtouga though its not really worth it.

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By physical I think he meant attack, not defense.
i put that in there too
Tirtouga has high defense
not really its ok but it can barley take a hit if it wasnt for study it would be screwed
I am talking in-game not competitive x))
it can barley take a hit ingame too
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Well, it all depends on your style of play. Defensive or Offencive.

Tirtouga is an excelent defencive pokemon, with Solid Rock as the ability, it can be a 'tank' pokemon, absorbing most of the weaknesses. Evolve it into Carracosta, and you have a Buff-Tank pokemon.

Archen is a berzerker that needs to be guarded carefully because of its ability Defeatsist. Extremely high attack for the little guy's size, however. Evolve it into Archeops and it's a jet fighter, with a very high attack and very good speed.

So it's really up to you. What do you want? Or what does your current team lack? A tank, or a Jet fighter?