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What is the point of the house on route 26 with all the beds in it soulsilver?

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Sit In The Beds and Press "A" and you are healed, I Think...

EDIT: The only purpose of it is to read that book.

According to Haunter101 in the comments, the seven siblings live in that house.

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I tried it in all seven beds but it didn't work
All rght, let me try, stand by for an edited answer!
Well theres a book there and it tells you various places to go you meet a person and they give you an item but the beds and stuff must be there for some reason!!
You Know What? I Think The Beds Might Just Be for Show. I don't think they have a purpose except to get that item. Hmmmmmmm, Are You Sure you mean Route 26? Ive Searched the whole route and not found that house.
Yep. go to the house where there is a blue acorn tree ignore that. go down the ledge and turn left then you meet a house when you go south
All Right, I Found The House, and the only purpose of it is to read that book.
The reason for the seven beds is in fact that they are there just for show. According to the game, seven siblings live in that house but they go out into the world to help trainers by giving them items, and the book tells you who appears where on what day. (Seven siblings seven days of the week coincidence? If so they are one lucky company lol.)
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It might have been a hotel. It sounds like it all right.