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How do you access an event in pokémon black and white?

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You need to have wifi then you go on mystery gift(which is on the start screen) and go on recieve gift via wfc. It will search for gifts but i think there will be no more because of the release of Black & White 2. So it is probally to late for you.

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Go to your main menu on your pokemon game (before you click continue game). Press the button that says 'mystery gift'. make sure you have wifi. If there is a wifi event, it will appear. If your at a shop like gamestop, you can get your gifts wireless (for special pokemon). On october 27th, Keldeo will be available in mystery gift if you go to a gamestop shop. On october 30th, you can get one through wifi (meaning you can get a pokemon in your house.) The pokemon is either rayquaza or mew.

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the keldeo event starts august 27 not october 27