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Um, I was about to do a rescue mission in Wish Cave, but when I clicked 'Wish Cave' on the dungeon list, I got sent to some radom dungeon called, I think 'Doojo Restasion' or 'Dojo Rejistradetion' or 'Dojoo Registrasion' stuff. I was only on the first floor when my game froze. WTF is this??? Is this a Glitch??????????

More info:

Mission: Help me

Cilint: Cefairy
Where: Wish cave B50F
Difficulty: *
Reward: 500 POKÉ + ???
Message Title: I'm too tired to move
Message body: I got lost in this Dungeon! Someone, Help!
1?-(...) 5(M)X? 4P2+ (F)1?F 6N?6 F+?W

So yeah.

@ olviadlise: Yeah it is a old game, actully, it's the first Pokemon DS game ever. I got it i think 3 or 4 years ago. still working perfectly. I value my Pokemon games because POKEMON IS FREAKING EPIC!!!
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Alright, I might have a clear answer. Bear with me here. Did this a few days ago.

I spent multiple hours getting this assignment. And then I played through this 15 times, quitting without saving.

12 - Saw this bug! Went as far as I could. Game crashes.

My brother works his life away in his room, coding and that good stuff. Gave the game to him.

He told me tonight about it. This "Dojo Registration" thing does in fact exist. Just within the coding of the game. It is extremely glitchy. If you somehow enter it, I recommend shutting down the system. Buggy!

Some things aren't actually implemented for a reason, I guess. Quite a few Nintendo games have locations, items, etc that aren't implemented.

This area does exist, but it isn't meant to and is a glitch.

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