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I went there at the right time and my game is not hacked. The lady just said it operates in the evening and told me to come back again, so I came back in the evening and she said the same thing!


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You can board it, but evening for you, and evening for your game are two different things.
For the correct time to board, refer to this chart:

Season    Morning        Day            Evening        Night
Spring    05:00-09:59    10:00-16:59    17:00-19:59    20:00-04:59
Summer    04:00-08:59    09:00-18:59    19:00-20:59    21:00-03:59
Autumn    05:00-09:59    10:00-16:59    17:00-19:59    20:00-04:59
Winter    07:00-10:59    11:00-15:59    16:00-18:59    19:00-06:59
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Ok thanks pokemaster! I couldn't get that thing to line up to save my life.
i tried using this chart when my game was in winter and it still just said to come back in the evening.