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I have a male Combee and have been breeding it with a ditto holding quickpowder to try to get a female Combee to evolve into Vespiqueen. Please help!


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When you breed, the gender is random. However, for combee, it only has a 12.5% chance to be a female. So, you've just gotta keep trying!
NOTE: I recommend putting multiple eggs in your party at once so they all get the steps boost. Also, if you catch Volcorona or another Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor and put it in the front of your part, every step counts as two for the egg. This speeds things up. A combee egg normally takes 3840 steps to hatch, but with Volcorona, it takes 1920.

Thank you, however where can I find either of those to speed it up in ss, the version I have.
Oh yes, I forgot. Dumb me :P Moltres, Rapidash, and Magmar have it. You know where to find those in SS, right?
I know where to find Moltres, but I also used my masterball all ready to catch Lugia, so I couldn't catch it when I tried. I have a Magmar I caught in the safari zone, I will check it and I haven't got a rapidash. By the way is this an ability or an item?
It's an ability.
I just checked my Magmar has it.
Slugma also has that ability
Moltres only has it in Gen V. Pressure is the Gen IV and earlier ability.
9 days late but I just saw this.
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Yes, you can. Just keep breeding until you have one. Combee are 12.5% female, so keep breeding until you get one.

Thanks, I will keep at it.