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Evolving, like in the first Mystery Dungeon games, you are unable to evolve until you have reached a certain point in the game, in Darkness
& Time's case, this is a requirement that needs to you beat most of
the game. You have to follow the story beyond the "end" credits
through to get the mission featuring Manaphy. After you have done
that, unlock the Marine Resort Dungeon and you will be able to evolve
at the Luminous Springs. These open up normally during the game and is
found at the end of the dungeon listings When you get there, you get
a list of the Pokémon you have that are capable of evolving. The
requirements are the same as in the main games so some require items
in order to evolve. Select the Pokémon you wish to evolve and then
it'll step into the springs. An animation will occur and your Pokémon
will evolve. You can evolve multiple Pokémon at once so you don't have
to go there hundreds of times When you first get the evolution
option open, you will get notifications that your starter and partner
cannot evolve. This is true to an extent, however when you have
completely finished the storyline of the game (even the bits after the
credits) with the icons as seen below, and have recruited Palkia, you
will be able to evolve your character and your partner, so do not fret
if you cannot seem to evolve it


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