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There's this Pokemon power bracket on Pokemon.com. What's the point of it.

i know i've voted on the power bracket myself for mew alot so i know what i said and im not copying people! Why dont people believe me when i know what im doing?!?
You are not copying people though ?_? You are uneccesarily commenting on questions asked months ago. There is no use of this. We appreciate you trying to help but do comment on questions maximum of about a week or so old.
Also might I add that this is one of the 7 questions mewthelegend spammed answered with "MEW MEW MEW MEW"? I don't forget.
What????? what do you mean i "Spammed"?

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It's fun! To see what people and trainers think is the coolest legendary Pokemon. There's not a point in anything Pokemon. I mean, we're talking Shedinja with Final Gambit :P

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Also I just realized what idiot decided Thad shedinspja should get final gambet