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Does Pokémon have a point and does it teach a lesson?

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I would like to know, I think this game is interesting, but does it have a point and does it teach a lesson?

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I don't think Pokemon teaches a lesson, but it leads us down a path.

We like Pokemon, we get interested in playing competitively by our cousins, we join a forum, waste our lives on chat, making RMTs with clever names, we never marry, grow old, and die only to accomplished nothing.

Or the stuff about love and affection and other stuff...

But, seriously I probably could have cured cancer by now.

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I can't stop laughing here..
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It doesn't really teach a lesson. Pokémon was just made for entertainment.

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Well, it actually seems like a bad influence. Lol. xD

It seems as if the biggest lesson is to love the Pokemon you catch, according to the anime anyway.

The reason Satoshi Tajiri made this game was to let other children do what he did in his childhood - collect creatures. (bugs to be exact) Not many people could do it after his childhood, and so he felt sympathy and after six years of development Pocket Monsters was born. :3

So... really the biggest lesson is to love Pokemon over battling with them, but otherwise, the biggest lesson is to beat the stuffing out of other trainer's Pokemon! :D

Hope I helped.
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Oh, I dunno I always thought it was good for teaching kids about owning pets... (Although maybe not the best idea to make them "beat the stuffing put of each other" in real life lol) and there are always morals to these games, friendship, love, thinking of others not just yourself, etc... Plus, most Pokemon are so damn adorable and cute! Oh, and it helps with socialising if played with friends, I know it helped with maths and problem solving skill when I was growing up too... And last but not least, IT'S ENTERTAINING!!! (And don't forget all the different languages in the last couple games, kinda educational :). )

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