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My question is if a Normal/ Flying type pokemon uses roost, before it's opponent who uses a fighting type move, will that fighting type move be 2x damage.

What I'm referring to is if you had a Fighting type pokemon such as a Conkeldurr and it was up against a Normal/ Flying pokemon such as a Pidgeot, Pidgeot would seem to have a clear advantage due to type. Anyway lets say that pidgeot knows the move roost for healing purposes (as most people give it that). Anyway Conkeldurr naturally has very low speed while Pidgeot has very high speed therefore Pidgeot would normally attack 1st unless trick room was used etc. So if I select a fighting type move such as superpower on the same turn they use roost will it deal 2x damage, being that Pidgeot would lose it's flying type for the end of the round, thus becoming a normal type just long enough to land one super effective hit.

Would this work? and before anyone says If I was up against a flying type with Conkeldurr I would most like switch out or use a Rock type move such as Rock Throw on it. I just wanted conformation that this would work and I would only use this strategy with a fighting type when all other pokemon have fainted and you only have fighting type moves left. However if this works I would most likely use it on other pokemon that I have taught fighting moves to but are not fighting types, cheers.


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Yes it will. However you will regain the flying type next turn.

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it will do x2 damage because it cannot be a normal/normal, it just drops the flying type until the next turn.

thanks ;)