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Well, I just caught a shuckle and i think it's pretty good. But it has the characteristics "likes to run" and i want a slow shuckle. I do not know as much about characteristics, so do you think it's bad?

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if worse comes to worse give him the lagging tail

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Uh... "Likes to run" only means that that IV is highest.

Note that having a certain characteristic does not necessarily imply that the highest possible value for an IV is present. A Pokémon with an "Alert to sounds" characteristic could have a 6 in Speed (and thus very low IVs across all of its stats since none could be higher than 6) instead of a 31 in Speed.

From Bulbapedia.

So that means, Shuckle could still be slow, just the rest of its stats would be worse.
See http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Characteristic

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Does that mean, that shuckle could have higher (ex.) defense, than speed?
Yep. Shuckle's base speed is bad, while is base defense is huge.
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I wouldnt say its too bad but naturally its okay.But if you want a slow shuckle then you can have the relaxed ability.Its special defense goes up and its speed stat becomes low.Also give it a lagging tail to make it the slowest.

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Well, now i have a shuckle with relaxed and "alert to sounds".