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I like Leafeon but which one should I choose? (Conquest.) I have the stones, (Thu,Fir,Wat.)


I am ready to evolve into any of them :)
D: I accidentally used up my 3 Eevee's for a Vaporeon, Flareon, and a Jolteon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know this has a good answer but i will answer it anyways. It doesn't matter which one you evolve it into because you can get multiple Eevees to evolve them into the one you want. Every so often you can get a swarm. In those Swarms you might find a Eevee. It will tell you weather of not its a Eevee or not. But if you dont want to wait Glaceon is actually the best. Its move allows you to hit Nobunaga for Super-Effective damage and if you go with Vaporeon you have no advantage over any of Nobunagas team. He even has a Simisage that will destroy vaporeon.

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Yeah but he already beat nobungas.
You still have to play through a second time and Glaceon is the best one to start with
Yeah I did beat Nobunga*
Again i repeat:You still have to play through a second time and Glaceon is the best one to start with
Ok Thanx :)
Is a Lapras a good replacment?
For Glaceon yes but you cant get one until you play through the second time and get close to the end
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Vaporeon. It has the best move of the eeveelutions. My source is beating the game and getting almost all the legendairies with vaporeon or garadose. Now as in recognizable points out, Glaceon is better for drag or. But Glaceon is a week ice type and for ice I recommend mitushide with lapras or articuno. Not Glaceon. Glaceon goes down too fast. That's why I say vaporeon. Articuno has high speed and I conquest that makes blizzard hit. So go with vaporeon because grass types in conquest are rarely used. Truthfully I use gyardos as my Pokemon. Then warlords with Mewtwo, groudon, articuno, dialaga, ochi with aggron and either nobungas with zekrom or hideoshi with reshiram.

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Kool ;} I am too. I beat the game and NOW I am evolving ev ;P
I almost have arceus forever
I got arceus already :)
To keep,mor just to battle nobungas with. To get it to keep you have to beet every special episode with an eve elation at 70 percent.
I've cleared game two times first with jolteon and second time with vaporeon. Vaporeon was more useful