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Razor Fang-Razor Claw-Quick Claw-Adamant Orb-Bright Powder.
I want more than one answer.

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Razor Claw: It only boosts critical hits. Not very useful.

Razor Fang: Boosts flinching. Might help if you use a flinch set, using Zen headbutt and Iron Head...

Quick Claw: Risky but powerful. Would work on Metagross.

Adamant Orb: No. It only works on Diagla.

Bright Powder: I wouldn't recommend it. Not very useful...

So, if this is in-game, I'd recommend one of the Claws. Otherwise, use a Life Orb for an attacking set, Lefties for a tankish set.
Hope I helped!!

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thank you, I choose quick claw
Keep in mind, Oshawott, that it's banned in competitive battling.
Gray, You have Razor Fang and Razor Claw confused.
Oops... thanks!
ok I will remember Galactic Lucario
And Razor Claw is quite useful on Bisharp, Absol, Honchkrow, and Gallade.