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What's the best item to give to Togekiss?

What is the moves and EVs? (If you can give them)

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It depends on your set really
Togekiss's excellent overall bulk allows it to function effectively as a defensive Pokemon, so utilising Leftovers is generically the preferred option.
However on Offensive Nasty plot sets, Life Orb becomes excellent for the extra power granted to Togekiss, and Choice Scarf is also a viable item to be seen on Flinchhax Togekiss.

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You can give it the Leftovers if your using specially defensive or defensive sets since it has high defenses and would be a reliable source of recovery when your taunted so you can't use roost.
Hope I helped.

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Leftovers. Because Togekiss has high defense and special defense
so it can survive most attacks.