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Ive been trying for a few hours trying to get a shiny registeel and so far nothing...

You know replacing the battery is east, right?
You can't replace the internal battery of the Cartridge.
With a thin flat head screw driver. And a Nintendo replacement battery it's possible. I've done it.
what events are even clock based?
also how could i get a shiny beldum in ruby....do i just soft reset next to the pokeball in mossdeep?
Yeah, or breed

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Yes you can.
Although the frames on which a shiny will appear will be exactly the same no matter how many times you soft reset. So if you keep resetting and activate Registeel the same length of time between resets you will not get a shiny. The best way to go from here is to activate the Registeel after playing for a little each time.
It's going to be a very tedious task, but good luck to you.

would i have to do this similar idea to the beldum in mossdeep?
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Sources: Internal battery affects clock based events and I caught most of my shines with a battery-dry Diamond.