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I have been going to the man on route 221 EVERY day in hope for a focus sash. I show him the PkMN he wants correctly, and EVERY single day (for about 1 month) and i get the expert belt or the black belt, NEVER the focus sash. What's happening? Is something Wrong?

PkMN Platinum ^_^

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I am going mad by trying every day... >.<

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According to Bulbapedia:

He will give the player a Black Belt, Expert Belt, or Focus Sash if shown a Pokémon of the level he called out. The first time the player shows him the correct level Pokémon, he will give a Black Belt as a reward; the second time, he gives an Expert Belt; the third time, a Focus Sash. The cycle then repeats.

So you should get the Focus Sash third. Are you saving after each time you show him the Pokemon? If you are resetting then it would keep giving you the same one as it's not random, it follows that order.

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Oh right, thanks PM. You ROCK