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How do i calculate:

Water Spout=
Choice band/specs/scarf=
Type gems=
Critical Hit=

please help

um, do you mean: Eruption/Water Spout + STAB + C band/Specs/Scarf/Type gem (u cant have both) + crit?
on marriland damage calc, it would do from 889 to 1046 damge. with attacker having 250 sp. attack and defender with 100 sp. def.

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  • STAB gives a 50% boost to moves that are the same type as the user Source

  • Eruption/Water Spout has 150 BP when the user's HP is full. the formula to calculate this is 150 × CurrentHP ÷ MaxHP. Source

  • The Choice Band raises the power of physical moves by 50% while locking the opponent into a move. The Choice Specs raise the power of Special moves by 50%. The Choice Scarf raises the speed of the holder by 50%. Source

  • Water Spout and Eruption are special moves, so the Choice Specs will boost them, not the Choice Band

  • Type Gems raise the power of a move that is the same type as the gem by 50%, but the gem is then consumed. Source

  • Critical Hits always make a move to twice it's regular damage. Source

EDIT: I'm not sure if you want all those added, or if you want to know how to calc them individually, so I'm going to add them anyway, just to cover my bases. If anyone sees any math mistakes I apologize, I used a calculator, but I might have typed the numbers wrong, however I am fairly certain that it is correct.

So, Add all those up and we get:
150 (BP for WS/E) + 75 (STAB) = 225 + 112 (specs/gem boost) = 337 x 2 = 674

The above calculation is assuming both pokemon are unboosted, there is no weather in effect, and that the target is taking it with neutral damage from it.

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Lol sorry Swaggron but you have added no info I have but a source then a calculation he didn't ask for but Appart from that great math lol ;)
Yes but I cleaned it up a little bit, and I gave a small bit of info such as the calc formula for Water Spout/Eruption. Should I hide it?
Nah it's ok.
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I think i understand what you mean well correct me if im wrong and i will hide but here goes.

Stab= 1.5 no big calculation needed if a move with 20 base power is used with stab it is increased by 50% making it 30 base power.

Choice Items= Same calculation as stab so a pokemon with 300 speed was holding a choice scarf its speed will be increased to 450.
Though if its an odd number e.g 313 it will still be 50% extra though it will be rounded down.

Gems= 2.0 or 200% basicly the same as using a boost move to reach +2

Critical Hit= Is the same as the gems

Water Spout and Eruption= 150x(Current Hp/Maximum Hp)