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How much damage do a crit do?

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Critical hit does double damage the move normally would have done, unless you have a pokemon with the ability sniper, then it does 3 times the damage.

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X2 Damage. For example if you used ........FLy with a base power of 90 it would be doubled to 180 power.

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or was it X1.5??//>.>
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The damage inflickted is doubled. If the move is also Super Effective, it doesnt rule out critical hits. 3X damage!!

Even BETTER if it is STAB, 3.5 power!

Abilities and Items can also increase the damage such as Hustle, or Menronome.

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i think i would be x4
Super effective = X2
Critical = X2
STAB = X1.5
2*2*1.5 = 6.
Oh man, imagine:Drapion w King's Rock and Sniper, and Cross Poison
Critical Hit + Sniper:210+ STAB and Super Effective, that would be a beast.
Dude, I planned a Drapion w/ Scope lens and Sniper, Cross Poison, Night Slash, and Slash! THIS is a beast!
Actually, so did I, I just didn't feel the need to list my whole moveset.
Still Drapion is an extremely awesome Pokémon concerning critical hit capability. By the way, the pokémon that can learn most moves with higher crit possibilty is Gallade
Gallade is my fav! Too bad it can't learn focus energy!