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I need a DW alakazam and a DW salamence, and my brother is letting me use his 3DS to se GTS, but there is no way to request DW pokemon, and I dont see how to tell otherwise. Is it even possible to request DW pokemon over GTS?

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Um, the GTS TBH kind of sucks. You don't see the nature, stats, moves, ability, or even if it's legit. There are lots of problems with the GTS. And honestly, who would put they're best pokemon on the GTS to give to some stranger? Not going to happen. Best to get the pokemon by yourself.
i have a dw salamence up for trade
@Monkeykidproject: If u see me in chat we can negotiate.

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You can't tell, you just have to hope to be lucky.

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Oh joy.
I took me 7 tries to get a female politoed with drizzle. I gave up a Terrikion, raiku, suicune, latias, Latinos, dw dratini, zoaraok.
I hate how people show off their pokemon by asking for a lvl 9 zekrom or something. I think im going to hack a level nine zekrom, and try to trade it to one of those people.
I have done it before
what happened?
I got a good Pokemon and pulled a trick on those jerks
I am soooo doing that
Actually @ Swagg They aren't showing off their pokemon. They're asking for something impossible, so no one will get their pokemon while the clone it in the GTS. But I hate it too, nonetheless. This is why the database should have a trading center.
I hate it when you find a pokemon you really need and then when you start to trade it say 'unfortuatley that trainer has already traded the pokemon' Grrrrrrrrrr Why does it stay there if it has been traded.
I hate how in Platinum, I'm ready to trade, and it says the Pokemon I offer isn't a high enough level. Aarrggg! Why doesn't it tell me the level it has to be?! I also hate people asking for the Same Pokemon they are offering, but a higher level.
So do i