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Like, a list. There can't be that many.

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  1. Damaging moves
  2. Memento

Source: Bulbapedia/ Magic Bounce

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memento does get reflected by magic bounce and the move hits but like the victim wouldn't get trapped or binded
Can we test this on PO?
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Hello, I know this question is old but I could use a more detailed answer for my Mega Absol in Doubles, so I'll try and give a good list of Status Moves that are NOT affected by Magic Bounce (other than self-affecting moves like Swords Dance, weather/terrain moves, moves like Trick Room, or moves that benefit all Pokemon on your team such as Safeguard or Wide Guard):

  1. Acupressure
  2. Aromatherapy
  3. Aromatic Mist
  4. Aurora Veil
  5. Bestow
  6. Crafty Shield
  7. Fairy Lock
  8. Flower Shield
  9. Gear Shift
  10. Gravity
  11. Grudge
  12. Guard Split
  13. Guard Swap
  14. Happy Hour
  15. Haze
  16. Heal Bell
  17. Heal Bell
  18. Heart Swap
  19. Helping Hand
  20. Hold Hands (no known effect in battle)
  21. Imprison
  22. Instruct
  23. Ion Deluge (probably obvious)
  24. Laser Focus
  25. Lock-On
  26. Lucky Chant
  27. Magnetic Flux
  28. Mat Block
  29. Me First
  30. Memento
  31. Mimic
  32. Mind Reader
  33. Mirror Move
  34. Mist
  35. Misty Terrain
  36. Mud Sport
  37. Nature Power (it's considered a Status move)
  38. Nightmare
  39. Pain Split
  40. Perish Song
  41. Power Split
  42. Power Swap
  43. Psychic Terrain
  44. Psycho Shift
  45. Quash
  46. Quick Guard
  47. Reflect Type
  48. Reflect/Light Screen (also kinda obvious lol)
  49. Role Play
  50. Rototiller
  51. Safeguard
  52. Sketch
  53. Skill Swap (Note: Entrainment IS AFFECTED by Magic Bounce)
  54. Speed Swap
  55. Switcheroo
  56. Tailwind
  57. Teeter Dance
  58. Wide Guard

The stupid thing is, yes, Heal Pulse IS affected by Magic Bounce...sadly. I wanted to heal my teammate in Doubles, not myself! (same goes for Floral Healing).

If this post gets taken down due to length, I'll put in a pastebin link.

Oh, source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Status_move (I looked through all of them)

You included wide guard after saying "other than moves like wide guard".
lol I think I knew that at the time I posted it, but didn't bother to change it