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Would the power anklet raise shedinjas speed above 40 or not? I know that the anklet promotes speed increase upon leveling, but would it actually help to use it on shedinja?


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The Power Anklet raises how much Speed EVs you collect. So unless you are EV training this Item is useless. When this item is held by a Pokémon, the holder's Speed is reduced by 50%. For every battle it has, in addition to the Effort Values gained in the battle, it will gain 4 Speed Effort Values. Shedninja's Base Speed is 40 so if you give it a nature to Raise Speed and you give it 252 Speed EVs it will have over 40 Speed Stat.

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Would it just be easier to grind for bp then get carbos?
BP? do you mean Base Power
Battle points at the battle subway sorry forgot to mention that the game was white. the power anklet is 16BP and carbos are only 1
It would not since you can only get the first 100 ev's with the item carbos. With a power anklet, you can go to the max of 255 ev's.
Oh well get save up for the Power Anklet since you can use it on multiple pokemon
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