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I see many people like him (in game play By the way) But im not convinced hes good.
can you give me a good reason and a awesome move set to convince me he is good?

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Being one of the most used Pokemon in today's Metagame, it sure says a lot about it. On paper, Tyranitar seems horrible with all those Weaknesses, but with Sand Stream+a buff to its SDef, Tyranitar is no joke. I say he is definitely worth using, as Sand plays a major part in the Metagame. The standard Tyranitar usually ruins common threats like Dragonite, Landorus, Ferrothorn, and others, while having the massive bulk to take many hits. He has a wide Movepool, so it can run Movesets such as Physical, Mixed, Special, and Support just to say a few. As stated above, he is a Pseudo Legendary, having a massive 600 BST.

Here shows the Tyranitar Movesets we posted. Tyranitar is definitely a Pokemon worth using despite its flaws.

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What.You are messing with the wrong guy has total stat of 600 and it is also a pseudo legendary.It is an awesome pokemon and has a great movepool.It is one of my favourite pokemon.

We have got a variety of movesets.So click here.

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It is a great pokemon indeed and being pseudo legendary+sand stream+600 stat total+great movepool= have to get pokemon
He's only pretty good if you train him correctly and exploit his strengths effectively. Don't get me wrong, I love this pokemon, but he's pretty vulnerable when not used correctly.
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tyranitar is the old hydreigon it's long to evolve but he is an awesome Pokemon to have, amazing move pool, over all stats sure are amazing

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Tyranitar is deffinetly worth it. Not only is it a strong Pokemon, but its move set is pretty awesome too. If you train your tyranitar past level 70, I'm sure it would be a deadly Pokemon. So, yes. Tyranitar is a must-get!

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