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I'm creating a team before I get too far into the game, and I don't know what I should use against my rival's Floatzel. Should I get the thunderstone from the solaceon ruins and evolve the Eevee that way, or should I take it back into the Eterna forst and level it up near the rock to get a Leafeon?


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Jolteon beacause jolteon has a great special attack and floatzel has poor Spd.So it makes it pretty good and jolteon has a great speed.

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It'll be hard to actually do these EVs since it's still mid game. Volt Switch doesn't exist in Gen IV. Getting the exact nature is going to be difficult since Eevee eggs take forever to hatch. Overall not the best answer. I would still suggest Jolteon however because Barry's/ whatever you named you rival's Floatzel has Ice Fang. Even with that, Leafeon still has high defense so anyone you choose will be fine.
Volt switch wasnt  introduced till Gen. 5.
And in mid game, Jolteon doesn't have any powerful special attacking moves. Just Pin Missle and Double Kick to be honest