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do u mean the series or the ds game?

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I am almost certain that you saw Charizard's Blaze ability activating.

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When Blaze activates, no colors change in the game...
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Charizard has only two forms. Normal form and Shiny form. In Normal form it's body colour is reddish orange with a red fiery tail. In Shiny form it's body colour is grey with a blue fiery tail. Did you see it when it's body colour was reddish orange with a blue fiery tail? If you did, it was probably an illusion cause' it's impossable. It's one or the other. And Blaze doesn't change the image of a Pokemon, it only boosts your Pokemon's Fire-type moves when it's health is red.

Hope this helps

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This is wrong, Charizard (and all other Pokemon with Blaze) do change when their ability activates, I have seen it on the anime and read it from multiple places online. The Charizard's shininess would have nothing to do with it's changing color. This was an anime Q, so I'm pretty sure you answered it from a game standpoint, which unfortunately, is wrong.
he says pokemon platinum ben meaning the game. Theres no pokemon series in the amine name platinum
Ok ok i meant both of them ok?i phrased wrong my Q