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Why is it like that?It looks like a bug,but is a Fire and Steel type.
Is there a reason why?

You think it looks like a bug type?!
pretty sure it doesnt to me it looks alot like a fire and steel type

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Heatran is a legendary PokeMon meant to represent the Earth's molten core. It's Fire-typing comes from, obviously, the core's "melted-ness". Steel is because the core is mostly made up of molten iron ore and copper ore. It's body is made of molten iron (as seen in its PokeDex entries) which explains both of Heatran's typings. However, due to Heatran's spider-like battle movement in Generation 5, and its said ability to climb walls, this can be just a misconception.

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Because that how game freak decided to make it look.

Just because a pokemon looks like something dosnt mean it is type.How it looks is a big contribution but it has to be fire or dragon since of all the fire and lava on it,and it has steel so it would also be a steel type and thats 2 types so it can have bug.
Look at Gliscor. a big purple bat with a stinger tail. one would logically guess Flying/Poison...but its a Ground/Flying type. Also does Swoobat look like a Psychic/Flying type? Does Scrafty look like it fits with all the other Fighting types?? Book doesn't always = Cover.