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I'm trying to find a Vibrava and evolve it to Flygon but I can't one. I went to Route 228 on my Diamond but I can't find one and I've been searching for like 15 min. straight. Any explanation or advice???


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Are you using your PokeRadar?

If not, this is why; Vibrava will only appear when you use the PokeRadar.
It has a 20% chance to appear if you use the PokeRadar; otherwise, it will not appear.

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i did use it
and it's still not appearing
Yeah, you're just unlucky. I suggest leading your party with a level 54 Pokemon, and using a Repel of any sort. This means Pokemon that appear at level 53 or under will not appear, and thus gives you a higher chance of finding it. Vibrava is one of the few Pokemon on the Route than can appear at level 54, so your chances of finding it are better.
oh that's why?
cause my whole party is lv.100
No, it can still appear if your Pokemon are level 100. The technique I explained only gives you a better chance of finding it.
oh ok :D