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I Want A Tropius, but if its too low leveled in the wild, I don't want to have to train it 40 lvls just to get to lvl 50.
So Does Anyone know what lvls they can be in the great marsh?

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In The Great Marsh, What Lvl(s) are wild tropius* not tropiuses

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They go from lv. 28 to lv. 30 in the Great Marsh. You have a 20% chance of seeing one. They can be found in Area 1 in Morning and Day and Area 2 in Day.

Is her favorite move Nature Power? (That move can be so strong ingame and so weak against other people.)
No, She Likes Magical Leaf, she says the flowers are pretty. She Kind Of Likes Nature Power, though.
My brother's favorite move is Magical Leaf, he likes how it doesn't miss. He also likes Psycho Cut. I say Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and Earthquake all the way.
I Agree! I Also like surf, iron tail, and stone edge.
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