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I heard that if a Lv.100 magikarp used flail in battle the opponent's Pokemon will be KOed. Is this true?


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No. I have check many resourses and have found no evidence to hold your claim. you may be mistaken or you heard this because of ingame battling. At 1 HP flail has a power of 200(Pretty impressive). So if a friend told you that it could kill anything it could just be that it did 200 damage and can kill the competition. Here is the link for the move Flail. If I have been mistaken because of bad resourses please tell me because I am very sorry. So at lv. 100 it would do a lot of damage.

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Don't forget the epic Magikarp Sweep. The reason it can 1KO is because its part of a Baton Pass team, set at 1 HP behind a Substitute, it does up to 200+, with Focus Energy, Swords Dance, and plain tricking the opponent. Its faster then just about anything, if you train it right, and can take down an Uber Team. Magikarp's level is usually 100. As for competitive use.
Unless you battle SF. Then it might get challenging.
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You can never tell for sure if a OHKO will happen,
Unless you use always OKHO moves. It is because a Poke'mon
could resist the move and Magikarp is pretty slow so it might
faint before you get the chance to attack.

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You can confirm a OHKO before you use the move (without using a OHKO move)
Yep, with damage calculators or with common sense.
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No, it is not true at all, unless the Magikarp is of a way higher level.