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In the Pokemon show Happiny makes every Pokemon look weak.What I mean is that when I just watched a Pokemon episode the other day they where blocking the water from falling into the ocean with rocks so the dustox crossing would work and Happiny picked up a massive boulder with one hand and threw it with the other boulders.So I know this question is stupid but the coclusion is why is Happiny weak in the game?

here is Happiny >>> Happiny

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Why is Ash's Pikachu able to KO Brock's rock/GROUND type Onix with an ELECTRIC type thundershock in the early Anime episodes? probably because the Anime is 1. geared towards kids who aren't gonna overanalyze it and 2. a cartoon based on a Turn-Based RPG, which wouldn't be very entertaining if the battles happened as they do in the game.....
ever seen Pokemon in Real Life? look it up on YouTube. that'll answer your question :)

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It is just the anime because all sorts of things can happen.You could also see that when ash was trying to catch a taillow his pikachu used multiple thunders and thunderbolts on taillow but taillow survived.

I guess your right cause when it was ash vs paul infernape got a massive electrick shock by electivire but that makes sence he survived cause after that infernape um destroyed elcetivire you could say but I know heaps about infernape anyway he is my favourite pokemon
hahaha see your picture of elcetivire yeah he was destroyed by infernape ahahahah
lol :)) tht was funny