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I think:

Sweet Kiss: A good way to confuse the foe.

Toxic: Badly poisons the foe.

Charm: Like a defense increase, but can sometimes force a switch.

Attract: Infatuates the foe.

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Does that include B/W movesets? *Wide-eyed innocent look*

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Here is my suggestion for HAppiny:

Not much point in putting on attack moves, seeing as Hp and special defense are its only good stats, so I'll make it into the ultimate annoyer:

Heal bell/safeguard/aromatherapy-protect your team against status, which move is up to you, depending on your team. though heal bell and aromatherapy are the same thing.

rest/Charm.protect-To be the ultimate Jerk. Any move will make you a jerk.

attract-The most annoying and underused move. Happiny is a dangerous siren, taking out all unsuspecting men...

Toxic/Thunder Wave-cripples sweepers, they're at a huge disadvantage without that speed of theirs. Toxic is pretty obvious. If you want, you could trade charm for both and hit the foe with whichever status you want.

psychic is a move to cover her fighting weakness, but I'm not giving her an attacking move for the following reasons:

1.Houndour is very common, and his psychic immunity is an instant couner for switching.

2.Happiny lacks the special attack for this to KO a pokemon.

3.Happiny lacks the speed to hit the foe first, so she won't take a super effective move, or any physical attack for that matter.

4.A taunter would force a switch anyway, so if she had the attacking move, she'd probably switch out since it won't do anything significant.

I was considering the move swagger also, it's pretty unexpected;If you have a physical defense team, this can be good, since Happiny can't take a physical attack anyway. As long as the rest of your team is prepared, this is an option.

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You mean why you are not giving it an attacking move? Are you suggesting Psychic?
No, I'm saying psychic is a common choice, but I'm not actually suggesting it.
Aromatherapy is better as Pokemon on your team with Soundproof recieve it. It is also less likely to be Imprisoned.
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Good moveset but I would switch charm for counter it will cream any little battle competitier

Happiny has abysmal defense, there's no way it will take a physical hit.
WHat I was thinking. And why I chose Charm. Blissey are even easy to take down with a Physical hit.