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Yes, there are a few:

  1. Camouflage - Changes the users type according to location, the chart below shows what type the user will become depending on where the user is located.

>Building/Path: Normal
Sand : Ground
Grass: Grass
Cave/Rock: Rock
Snow/Ice: Ice
Water: Water
Puddles: Ground

  1. Conversion - Changes the users type to the type of one of its moves

  2. Conversion2 - Changes the users type to one that resists the opponents last move

  3. Reflect Type - Changes the users type to the same type as the target (Credit to Devil's Advocate)

  4. Soak - Changes the enemy into a water type

In addition to the above moves, Kecleon's ability Color Change changes it to the type of the last move used on it. So if a ninjask used U-turn on Kecleon, it would become a bug type, and if Ampharos replaced Ninjask and used Rock Gem, it would be super effective, and if Kecleon survived that rock gem, he would become a rock type.

Also, Arceus' ability Mutitype changes it's type to whatever plate it holds, therefore if Arceus holds the Draco-Plate, it will become a dragon type, or of it holds the Earth-Plate, it will become a ground type.

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Soak is a move which can change a Pokemons type to water.kecleons ability can change its type to whichever type of move it is hit by.(eg )if kecleon is hit by a fire type move it becomes a fire type

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