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Moves that get stronger if you have high defense.

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First, to answer your question, there is no attack move that is affected by the user's Defense stat (correct me please if I'm wrong).

With the move Power Trick, however, Attack and Defense stats are swapped, so every physical move then relies on the Defense stat. There is, to my knowledge, no special equivalent to Power Trick (swapping Special Attack with Special Defense).

For example, Shuckle (who has the highest Defense stat but one of the lowest Attack stats) would deal massive damage under the effects of Power Trick).

Bide, Counter, and Mirror Coat deal back twice the damage taken previously, so Pokémon with a higher defense will deal less damage with this move, and vice versa.

That's all I can think of.

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Hm, while there's no move that gets stronger on the defence stat alone, there's a few moves that get stronger when your defence is boosted in battle, i.e. when Defence Curl is used before using Rollout or Ice Ball.

Ice Ball

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Nope, no Moves rely on Defense to get stronger.