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Im trying to find a move Sneasel can learn that raises it's attack and defense. Can anyone help me?

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Sneasel doesn't have a move one move that raises Attack and Defense, but you can teach it Swords Dance (you can easily give it to it with the TM (in Alola)) and Defense Curl (transfer-only move tutor move) as two separate moves.

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Thanks! Yeah I meant two separate moves so thank you!
You're welcome!
No, wrong! Defense Curl is a Transfer-Only move from a Gen 3 move tutor. How that works is you teach Sneasel Defense Curl from Move tutor in Gen 3 and transfer it via PokéBank to Gen 7. By then, you can teach it Swords Dance through TM.
Oops. I knew that didn't look right. It's fixed now. Thanks.
sneasel also gets curse in gsc virtual console which raises both defence and attack at the same time just like sumwun said
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Sneasel can learn curse in GSC from the TM03. If you're playing GSC on the Virtual Console or something like that, then you can deposit the curse Sneasel into Pokemon Bank.
By the way, I wouldn't recommend using a curse Sneasel for anything. Its physical defense will be bad no matter how much you raise it.

Curse lowers Speed.
The question asker never said he was looking for a move that didn't lower speed.
They are plaiyng SM I beleive
Someone asked a question, and I answered it. Is my answer wrong?
It's not wrong, i'm just saying that Curse lowers Speed, and since it does, Sneasel would never out speed anything, but, it's StarFlamz's decision, so StarFlamz will decide what to use.
In most cases, being slower than the opponent is bad only because the opponent gets a chance to move. By using any stat-raising status move, including swords dance, defense curl, or curse, the opponent gets a chance to move no matter how fast Sneasel is. So I don't see why curse is worse than the other 2 moves.
i like that idea