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Absol, I know you wanted to answer this.

Obivously excadrill, what kind of a question is that?!
I want to know if I should Evolve my Boldore soon.
You asked for Competitive, not In-Game.
It is for Competetive.
Hmmm, Gigalith might be a technical correct answer BECAUSE of Excadrill being Uber.
Thank you trachy.

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Well, the obvious answer is Excadrill, being a Uber Pokemon and all. But unless you are Battling in the Uber Tier, Excadrill cannot be used in another Tier. So the true answer is Gigalith, despite the fact that Excadrill is of a superior Tier.

If you plan on using a Rock Type in the Tiers RU+, do not use Gigalith, as there are way better options, such as Rhydon in RU, Rhyperior in UU, and Tyranitar in OU. Heck, Golem outclassses Gigalith overall! I hope you get my hint :3

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Haha, good point!
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Excadrill. Just look at the stats. That is why excadrill is uber. Its bawss in sand. Iv beed 6-0'ed by one

You mean 6-0'ed.
yeah i am gonna fix that
Excadrill is one of those rare poke's that come along that have amazing stats, great defensive and offensive typing, and an awesome movepool.

high speed, poison and electric immunity, normal and rock resistance, and so many options for movesets easily make Excadrill the OBVIOUS choice. plus Sand Force makes Earthquake PWN all.
I actually stopped using my Sand Team because it was too easy outside of uber tier. my Choice Scarf Scizor set has 6-0'ed quite a few teams though :B
Me, I'd prefer Excadrill for the higher speed. And there's a reason Clay's a tough cookie...