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I know that Toxicroak is a good one, what do you guys think? Include how it work well and why.

Do you mean what will  zoroark turn in to
No, I mean what are good pokemon for Zoroark to look like in-battle.

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The main benefit to Illusion is the element of surprise. you get a free attack out of it.

so Toxicroaks Fighting/Poison typing just screams out for a Psychic attack, it also has two other weaknesses: Ground and Flying.

Zoroark being a Dark Type takes x0 Psychic, x1 Flying and x1 Ground.

now say we throw in Machamp as an Illusion.
Fighting has x2 Psychic x2 Flying.

Zoroark takes x0 Psychic and x1 Flying here.

now lets say Gengar. with Levitate Gengar takes x0 Ground, x2 Psychic and x2 Ghost.

Ziroark will take x0 Psychic, x0.5 Ghost, and x1 Ground, but due to Levitate being perceived they aren't likely to use a Ground attack.

so most likely either
A: they use a Psychic attack, you take 0 Damage and get a free attack
B: they use a Ghost attack you take 1/2 damage and get a cheap attack
C: for some reason they use a Ground attack and you take neutral, likely survivable damage, and retaliate with your own attack.

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And i hope no one says what if they use a Fighting attack, because when was the last time your opponent led with a Gengar and you said, "That might be a Zoroark so lets Focus Blast it and hope i don't get x0 Damage and eat a fullblown pissed off Gengar attack"?
Good point.
And with Team Preview in Gen V, they may or may not be fooled the first time, but if they fall for it the first time, randomly mix it up between Gengar and Gengoark to play hardcore mind games with em XD
a problem can stand if stealth rocks are on your side. machamp and toxicroak resist stealth rock but zoroark is neutral to them.
same with toxic spikes and toxicroak/gengar. these might blow your cover
Zoroark in a random battle is almost always guaranteed to take down on wif the opponents pokemon lol