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Every time I encounter tornadus he runs away what do I do keep him from escaping I tried using mean look but when it wore off he ran away please help!

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Use mean look and then baton pass. Then attack and catch it. I normally use crobat.
I like to switch to a bisharp who can thunder wave and then false swipe. If it runs away just repeat the process

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I use crobat for mean look, not baton pass
He captures the Pokemon after mean look.
Interesting... You use Bisharp for TW + FS, instead of Absol...
Haha! I prefer bisharp for catching
That doesn't work. If you switch to another Pokemon the Mean Look is broken and they will just run away.
I mean I use Croat to mean look and catch.
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You can also use Spiderweb with a spinirak. Just make sure that it has really good moves, because if it faints or you switch it, Tornadus can and will escape.

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Must give Focus Sash, though.
Why do ya need one?
So I can get landorus u need tornadus and thundarus to get it
And thanks!