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if I take a smeargle into a wifi battle or capturing a legendary
and my friend uses roar of time for example and smeargle doesn t die since it used protect or something since it copied it from someone else
does smeargle permanently learn roar of time?


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No, Sketch is the only move that will allow you to learn an opponents move, so Protect will not teach Smeargle Roar of Time. Also, Sketch will not permanently teach a move when in a WiFi battle - only during the battle. Any moves Sketched during a WiFi battle will revert back to Sketch. For legendaries, yes, you may sketch any move the Legendary used, no matter how crazy the idea of Smeargle with Roar of Time is.
Sketch can do any move other than Selfdesruct, Explosion, Chatter, Struggle and Metronome. (as of Gen V). Anything other than those few can be learned, no matter the circumstances.

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thanks, and i know he cant learn a move if he uses protect i know he has to use sketch
selfdestruct, explosion, and metronome can be learned

selfdestruct and explosion can be sketched by being used in a double battle with a pokemon with damp

metronome can be sketched if it fails from something such as sleep

My source: Bulbapedia.
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i think no from what i've heard it cant learn from wifi battle
hope this helps :D

but can it learn it from capturing a legendary?
what do you mean
He means can you Sketch a move off a Legendary. And the answer is yes.
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No, it doesn't learn it. Smeargle only learns the move if it uses Sketch directly after the opponent uses the move.

Ex: Chikorita uses Razor Leaf, Smeargle uses Sketch, Smeargle learns Razoe Leaf!

But be careful, as if you fill your moves you're have to waste Heart Scales remembering and deleting.

And it can learn any move, sig or not.


source: My Knowledge.

yes i know that it has to use sketch, so yes it can learn every move?
Sketch can do any move other than Selfdesruct, Explosion, Chatter, Struggle and Metronome.
Smeargle can sketch Selfdestruct and Explosion