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There's a Notebook in the Old Chateau it says this
"Som...hing so pecu...r shou... make off ...ith the mot..."

What's it mean and who's is it

And who was the owner of that creepy place


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The words written in the notebook are likely the following:

"Something so peculiar should make off with the motor". - Bulbapedia

It is unknown who owns the chateau and the notebook, however there are ghosts that appear there. It could be assumed that they own it.

Sometimes, what seem to be the ghosts of a little girl and a butler appear in a bedroom on the first floor and in the dining hall, respectively. - Bulbapedia

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I was trying to figure out what it said! I had guessed it all but the words peculiar and motor.
I assume that "make of with the Motor" refers to possession of an appliance by  Rotom.
Yes, I thought the exact same thing. :)