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Alright so I'm training on Iron Island and my Gardevoir knows Magical Leaf. Almost every Graveler I fight has Sturdy (I know this because of Trace). I use Magical Leaf and it knocks out the Graveler in one hit all the time. I thought Sturdy allowed it to survive attacks that would knock it out in one hit as long as the Pokemon is at full health. Because of this, shouldn't the Graveler still be alive at 1 HP? I know that Boldore with Sturdy survive at 1 HP in the same situation in gen 5, so did Sturdy get remade or something?

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In generations III and VI, sturdy only negates one hit KO moves, such as Sheer Cold and Fissure. The part where it acts like a Focus Sash was added in generation V.


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Sturdy in Gen III - IV actually only prevents One-Hit KO moves like Fissure or Horn Drill from hitting. They only leave 1HP if the Pokemon was at full health in Gen V.

Source: Bulbapedia

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