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I have a scizor and I want to know which one would be more useable because Super Power lowers Sp attack but then Brick Break doesn't so I was just wondering.


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2 Brick Breaks = 150

1st Superpower = 120
2nd Superpower = 75
Total = 195

So 2 Superpowers are more than 2 Brick Breaks. Also, most Scizors run S-Dance, so the drop won't matter. Go for Superpower if Scizor is Banded or running S-Dance. If no S-Dance or you do not like the stat drops, go for Brick Break.

EDIT: If you ARE NOT running S-Dance, Take Superpower, not Brick Break

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Yeah my scizor does have S-Dance whos doesn't? XD
This is really helpful thanks
Banded Scizor do not run S-Dance for obvious reasons.
Neither do Scarfed Scizor, Trapper Scizor, or Baton Pass Scizor.
What is Trapper Scizor??
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It takes 2 to equal the power of superpower, for competitive go with superpower because Scizor is so frail.