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Recently I beat my Pokemon White version and have been completing all the minor tasks/missions available. Along with these I obtained the Adamant Orb, Griseous Orb, and Lustrous Orb.
One problem. My Lustrous Orb is gone. I still have my Adamant and Griseous Orbs but my Lustrous Orb just went missing. The only thing I can think of is that I might have sold it but it wasn't located anywhere near the items I save up and sell.

Any ideas on where it might have gone?

Also, sorry if this is one of those questions you shouldn't ask here but it has really been puzzling me.


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The only possibilies are:

  • You did not look through your inventory well enough
  • You Pokemon is holding it.
  • As you stated, you may has accidentally sold it.
  • You may have tossed the item.

Sorry about your orb, but, if it is sold or tossed, there's no getting it back. Hope this helps, and good luck...

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Yeah I guess it's not that big of a deal. I doubt I'll be using it even if I get a Palkia. I just think I would remember trashing it.
Yeah, sorry bout' your orb. We all make mistakes.
You could ask someone to give you one or get one from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.
maybe your palkia was hit by thief move that can steal your item
Think of it on the bright side. Palkia has many better items it can use. :)
hmm. the same happened to me with my griseous orb. but i never sold, trashed, or given it to my pokemon yet. since i had the emulator, i used the all items cheat, but the griseous orb didnt even pop up. haha.