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If I evolve zubat (ex.) at 22 to evolve golbat you need to do/use happiness so what mean this and how you do it

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Well you don't need max hapiness to evolve zubat, you need it to evolve golbat.

If you do what Trachy and I said in the recent question, "How do I get my togepi to evolve" then you can make your pokemon happy. It is just an added way to make your pokemon evolve. The more good stuff you do for it, mesages, sooth bell, keeping it alive, power drinks, and amity square, will raise its happiness.

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From where you know when the happiness its full?
There is a pokeapp that tells you how much it likes you. If it has a big heart, then its happiness is full. I you are playing HG/SS then you will just have to level him up and see.
Actually there is a house in I think Goldenrod that tells you how happy your Pokemon is. Also, another good way to gauge happiness is by talking to your Pokemon as you walk around with it.