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Okay. So, I'm leveling up my treecko and I was using lucky egg to gain exp faster, but I have to stop evolution every time it levels up. So I was wondering, "Am I lowering it's happiness by doing this?". Hope you can help!

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No, stopping a Pokemon from evolving does not affect happiness in any way.


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thanks! I just wondered...
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No.It Doesnt._.

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Its happiness will stay the same even if you stop it from evolving.

Doing these things do not effect happiness. Source
- Depositing a Pokémon in the Pokémon Storage System
- Healing a Pokémon with low HP or with a status condition
- Giving a Pokémon an item to hold (except the Soothe Bell)
- Evolving a Pokémon, regardless of method (level up, held item, or evolutionary stone, with the exception of trade evolutions, which reset the Pokémon's friendship)
- Using a Pokémon in battles
- Winning battles with a Pokémon
- Letting a Pokémon's HP fall to critical status
- Letting the player's Pokémon get a status condition like paralysis
- Walking when the player's Pokémon has a status condition
- Affection in Pokémon-Amie

I hope this helped.